Monday, June 16, 2008

Heroic Polish athlete dies to save life of unborn child

"Thousands of Poles lined up to say their final goodbyes to Agata Mroz, a young volleyball star who died on June 4 after postponing a bone marrow transplant in order to allow her daughter to be born."

It's a story of Christian love that has captured the imagination of an entire country. Read it here.

A friend from Poland says: "Everyone knew she had cancer, people were hoping she would get better, but she did not . . . When she died-- it was the front page story in ALL Polish papers, not just the sports papers. Literally, the whole of Poland has been following it. Her husband said at her funeral "...that he is not asking God why He took Agata, but that he is thankful that God put Agata in his life..."

We pray:

Niech cię przygarnie Chrystus uwielbiony,
On wezwał ciebie do królestwa światła.
Niech na spotkanie w progach Ojca domu
Po ciebie wyjdzie litościwa Matka.

(May glorious Jesus embrace you,
who has called you to the kingdom of Light,
May to the threshold of the Father's house,
Merciful Mother come to greet you.)

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