Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Bishop Lays Down the Law

The Curt Jester posts a letter from Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton to Senator Robert Casey of Pennsylvania. Here is the introduction to the letter from the website of the Diocese of Scranton:

"In a letter to Sen. Robert P. Casey, Bishop Joseph F. Martino condemned the vote taken by Sen. Casey against an amendment to a bill which would have prohibited millions of U.S. tax dollars from going to organizations abroad that provide and promote abortion.

The Martinez Amendment to the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) would have reinstated the Mexico City Policy rescinded by President Obama on Jan. 23. The amendment was defeated in a vote of 60-37."

And here are the closing paragraphs of His Excellency's letter:

"...It is my deepest wish, Senator, to convince you of the necessity of rescinding your vote on the Martinez Amendment. It is the height of irony that this amendment was defeated while the Senate passed legislation to provide health insurance for children who would otherwise be without it. What hypocrisy offers health insurance to children in one part of the world when children in another part will be deprived, by the stroke of the same pen, of their first breath?

I recognize and respect the burdens that you bear as a United States Senator; however, I remind you that your responsibilities as a Catholic bound by the faith of the Church exceed even those of your office. Your failure to reverse this vote will regrettably mean that you persist formally in cooperating with the evil brought about by this hideous and unnecessary policy.

As I have done several times before, I offer to make myself available to you to discuss the grave concerns that I raise here.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Joseph F. Martino, D.D., Hist. E.D.Bishop of Scranton"

Bishop Martino is a giant. A Bishop who takes the demands of the faith seriously and demands that we do so as well.

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