Monday, February 2, 2009

Mexico City Policy reversal a ‘betrayal,’ Catholic University president says

Well, it's a betrayal for anyone dumb enough to believe that Barack Obama's words while running for office carried more weight than his actions while in office.

From Catholic News Agency:

Washington DC, Feb 2, 2009 / 06:28 pm (CNA).- Fr. David M. O’Connell, President of Catholic University of America, has criticized President Barack Obama’s decision to fund overseas organizations that perform and promote abortions, calling the decision a 'disappointment and even a betrayal...'

'I’m sure for many Catholics who supported Obama because they believed in his words to do everything he could to reduce abortions,” he continued. “This comes as a disappointment, and even a betrayal to some.'”

Barack Obama. As Reverend Childress said at the Walk for Life (and as many others have echoed) , "Now we have face for black genocide."

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