Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"No Christ Zone" Video: What really happened with Walter Hoye

Go here (page now loads faster) for video of good Pastor Walter Hoye in front of the Oakland abortion clinic on April 29 and May 13, 2008. These "clinic escorts" complain that Walter was intimidating them. See for yourself.

This is what you can get arrested for in the United States of America, thanks to legalized abortion. It is for this that Walter faces a possible two years in prison and $4,000 in fines. Walter compares this to the Jim Crow laws. *

I note that in Oakland, a city with a plurality African-American population, Walter is the only black person on the scene (except for the victims). All of the clinic "escorts" are white.

From the Issues4Life website:

* "Jim Crow laws (1877-1954), regulated relationships between Whites and Blacks. Jim Crow laws" were passed principally to subordinate Blacks as a group to Whites and to legally enforce a viewpoint favored by Whites. Today, the "bubble law" in Oakland, California is designed to favor the viewpoint of pro-abortionists and was passed principally by the Oakland City Council to subordinate the pro-life viewpoint to the pro-abortionist viewpoint. You will notice in the video clips below that abortion clinic escorts (those wearing orange vests) have the right to block Walter's person, message and can walk up to and along with anyone going into the abortion clinic. You will also notice Walter's pro-life viewpoint does not afford him the same rights and privileges. Clearly this is viewpoint discrimination. Why should Walter's viewpoint cost him the loss of his constitutionally guaranteed rights as a citizen of the United States of America? Sadly we are facing the re-emergence of reconstruction era "Jim Crow laws" in Oakland, California today!"

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