Sunday, February 8, 2009

News: Catholic Bishop Asserts Authority.

Righteous Thunder from Down Under!

From Australian ABC News:

"A priest has been sacked from a Brisbane church after a long-running feud with the Vatican.
St Mary's Roman Catholic Church at South Brisbane has been accused of performing unorthodox mass and not respecting the church hierarchy.

The Archbishop of Brisbane, John Bathersby, previously warned Father Peter Kennedy to stop flouting church rules or face the sack.

St. Mary's of Brisbane is known far and wide for, among other things, blessing homosexual relationships and attempting to perform baptism "in the name of the creator, redeemer, and sanctifier."

In a letter received on Friday, Archbishop Bathersby said Father Kennedy and 'the community have not budged an inch'.

It says Father Kennedy's appointment will be terminated on February 21, unless he resigns first.

Good for His Excellency!

Father Kennedy says he is considering his options.

'I've been here 28 years and I know this community is solidly behind me, and so we could go elsewhere,' he said."

Please do.

Lots of background to this story can be found here, or visit Father Z.

Doesn't sound to me like they are doing anything too different from Most Holy Redeemer here in San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

I love the headline. It speaks volumes about our bishops.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to ask it:

Can this bishop come to SF and take care of Most Holy Redeemer?