Monday, February 16, 2009

The Cold Truth about Global Warming

Braving an ice storm, he appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in its first hearing in the new Congress to plead his case on global warming. The real purpose of his appearance should send shivers down the spine of every American taxpayer. On this visit he brought the tax man with him. That's right! Al Gore wants Congress to impose a tax that could be considered a tax on climate. He describes his new tax as "putting a price on carbon." If you're staying up nights worrying about our carbon footprint or how climate change is leaving polar bears adrift at sea, I've got the best advice you've heard in a while - get some sleep.

Al Gore and his global warming flunkies have half the world brainwashed into thinking our ice caps are melting, our seas are on the verge of boiling, and that everywhere from Miami to Juneau, Alaska is about to be ravaged by tropical diseases from malaria to Dengue Fever. Well, I've studied the science and I've got an "inconvenient truth" for Gore and company - the only hot air that's threatening the planet is coming out of their mouths.

Global warming has benefited from one of the greatest public relations and marketing efforts in recent history. You'll hear plenty from environmentalists about carbon emissions, clean energy, and the disappearing arctic, but here's what you will NEVER hear them admit:
Scientists have reaped MILLIONS from their global warming "research." They've turned supporting global warming - despite what the science really says - into a cash cow!
In fact, these same scientists were trying to convince us the world was cooling just a few decades ago, when that's where the grant money was. There's plenty of bad science and good marketing surrounding the global warming debate.

From The Douglas Report

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