Friday, February 27, 2009

Bishop Martino is Dead Serious about Dead Babies

Back on February 5, we posted about the letter Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton sent to his parishioner, Senator Robert Casey.

There are dramatic new developments. From Diane over at Te Deum Laudamus!":

"Two key items showed up on the Diocese of Scranton's 2009 page for Press Releases, both with today's date of February 26, 2009:

1) A 2nd letter sent to Senator Bob Casey from Bishop Martino and,

2) An Official Notice on worthy reception of Holy Communion which states that all ministers, ordinary and extraordinary, are to deny Communion to those whose worthiness to receive Holy Communion is publicly known."

As I said in the title, that is one dead-serious Bishop. Le us pray for Bishop Martino and for all of our Bishops!

Posted by Gibbons J Cooney

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