Monday, March 9, 2009

Adult Stem Cell Update: Blind Girl Now Sees!

From the Telegraph UK:

Two-year-old girl can see for the first time following stem cell treatment

"Two-year-old British girl Dakota Clarke can see for the first time after undergoing pioneering stem cell treatment in China.

Dakota, who was born blind, is the first British patient to undergo the new type of therapy. The £30,000 treatment, which involves stems cells taken from an umbilical cord being fed into her forehead, has allowed her to see people, objects, colours and lights around her.

Dakota suffers from Septo-Optic Dysplasia, which means the optic nerve does not develop properly, and has responded quicker than expected to the treatment. Her parents, Wilma, 28, and dad Darren, 34, are hoping she will continue to improve and have a life time of sight....

Dr Tom Liu, a stem cell specialist and director of the centre, is planning a breakthrough medical report on its work in collaboration with UCLA to be published later this year.

He said: 'We are very impressed with Dakota's progress so far and hope further tests will reveal further improvements.

'The use of stem cells taken from the umbilical chord is completely safe. As we learn more about the way these cells work our results are getting better and better.'"

Now, since cures and treatments are being documented just about daily with adult or cord-blood stem-cells, and when all the biggest names in the field (Ian Wilmot, James Thomson, etc.) have abandoned embryonics, why is President Obama funding embryonic stem-cell research?

Simple: this isn't about science. The abortion industry wants ESCR because they can use it as a "moral" justification for abortion. And our culture is so wounded by legalized abortion that anything which seems to minimize its horror will be embraced as a psychological crutch.

Pray for an end to abortion, and that these wounds may heal. And Thanks be to God for little Dakota!

h/t as always, to Mr. Don Margolis

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