Monday, March 23, 2009

Great News for Oakland

We just heard the good news. We have a new Bishop of Oakland.

From American Papist: "Sad news for San Diego, but great news for Oakland (and it doesn't necessarily put the kibosh on my hopes that he eventually gets tapped for Los Angeles):

The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI has named a San Diego clergyman to be bishop of Oakland, California. A brief statement by the Vatican's press office Monday said that Monsignor Salvatore Joseph Cordileone has been chosen for the Bay Area diocese.Cordileone, who is 52, has been serving as an auxiliary bishop in San Diego since 2002.

He studied theology for four years at the North American College in Rome and later obtained a doctorate in canon law at Rome's Gregorian Pontifical University. (AP)Young, orthodox, bilingual - Oaklanders are lucky to have him!"

We welcome him also as a great supporter of our Walk for Life!

He is also a great defender of marriage. Here he is on the video clip from "Marriage Matters to Kids."

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