Monday, March 23, 2009

Walter Hoye: "Many Men are Seeking his Counsel"

Lori Hoye, the lovely wife of the Reverend Walter Hoye just sent out this email:

"I have visited Walter twice (Saturday and Sunday) and he is in good spirits and physically safe and sound. The Lord has placed him in what is known as the “Bible Corner” and at the time of my first visit on Saturday [Walter arrived at around 4:30am] Walter had already been in Bible Study with some of the men in his unit. On Sunday just prior to my visit Walter had led one man to Christ. God is truly blessing Walter’s presence in Santa Rita and many men are seeking his counsel about their lives and situations.

Walter requested prayer for Wisdom while he is in Santa Rita and Clarity from the Lord to continue to do His Will upon his release."

There is a prophet among us. Praise be to God!

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