Friday, March 6, 2009

Safe, Legal, and Rare?

Another report from "40 Days For Life."

Our good Archbishop George Niederauer, in a letter sent out to the priests of the Archdiocese encouraging them to attend the "40 Days for Life" vigil, called the areas around the abortion businesses "the Golgotha of our time."

Just yesterday morning I posted on how, at the "40 Days for Life Vigil," we had seen a lady coming out of the abortion business who was very unsteady.

Today I joined our brothers and sisters at the vigil across from the Planned Parenthood again. As we prayed an ambulance pulled up, sirens screaming. Here it is:

The paramedics went in, and after about 10 minutes, came out with an Asian lady of about 30 on a gurney. I chose not to take a picture of that. Poor thing! We prayed the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy for her.

So, in my entire life, I've now spent about 4 hours in prayer across from an abortion business, and in two of those hours women have come out of there in bad shape: one having trouble walking, the other on a gurney.

Safe, legal, and rare? Well, it's legal.


In other news from the vigil: two 6o year-old ladies (or women, as my mom would say) quite bitterly and foully cursed us out, but I guess that was balanced by a Muslim guy who invited us to the mosque.

I told him, "Hey, I go to Church!"

He said "It's all the same!"

Well, it isn't really, but I liked him.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Anonymous said...

One thing that strikes me when I pray in front of a clinic is how alone these women are. Far too often the women come out alone, unaided by anyone - no family, no friends, certainly not the clinic workers. One time a woman came over to us to borrow a cell phone so that she could call her ride to come get her.

Anonymous said...


that makes me so sad. and i think it is true. if we could help inform women, and given them more options--abortion is not birth control.

Just did a post on my nephew who is 20 weeks alive and waiting for a birthday.

Anonymous said...

They ought to have protests like this outside of the armory where S&M pornography is being made, and outside of strip clubs. These places may not seem as serious as abortion mills, but the cheapening of sexuality that they promote is ultimately a contributor to the rise in abortion. Abortion is in many ways a symptom, an end result of a corrupt and disordered culture.