Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"I write to my fellow watchmen on the wall"

A prison letter from Reverend Walter Hoye:

"It is Thursday, March 26th, 2009 and I am sitting on the top of the second (2nd) of fifteen (15) bunks in housing unit thirty-four (34) east of the Santa Rita jail in Dublin, California.

Here my thoughts turn towards my brothers, men of the cloth, men who are called and sanctified by God the Father. Men who are preserved as the bondservants of Jesus Christ. Men who serve as the holy burden bearers of God’s word. Men who are the watchmen on the wall. It is now in the spirit of the prophet Ezekiel, I write to my fellow watchmen on the wall.

Ezekiel’s name in Hebrew means, God makes strong, hardens. Ezekiel’s name not only describes his character, but also his assignment. Ezekiel’s divinely inspired and ordained assignment was both unpopular and unwelcomed. Ezekiel’s assignment stood against the prevailing wisdom of his day that called for the leaders of Israel to play it safe and avoid unpleasant topics of conversation..."

The entire letter is here.

And here is an excellent video interview with Reverend Hoye.

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