Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More on that Play...

There have been quite a few comments to the post of March 2 "Play for Teens Performed at Most Holy Redeemer." Lots of comments, but no answers to the questions I asked. So I'll ask the questions again, with one addition:

Is the content of the play in agreement with Church teaching on homosexuality?

• Who decided on having this play produced at Sacred Heart of Atherton?

• Has the production of this play at Sacred Heart of Atherton been approved by the Archdiocese?

• Has the production of this play at Most Holy Redeemer been approved by the Archdiocese?

Why is this play being performed at Most Holy Redeemer at all? The novel “The God Box” from which the play is adapted, is targeted at an adolescent audience. For obvious reasons, there are virtually no children at MHR. Why is a play targeted at children being performed at a parish where there are no children?

• I'll now add this to the preceding question: Why are high school students being allowed to perform a play at the only church in the history of Christendom that has photographs of parish hall events posted on a website that requires an obscenity disclaimer?

• Finally, has anyone at the Archdiocese read “The God Box?” Or even visited the website of Alex Sanchez, the book’s author?

I look forward to answers.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Anonymous said...

Mr Cooney,

I did check out Sanchez' website and there is no doubt in my mind, as a practicing Catholic, that his material should not be permitted in a "CATHOLIC SCHOOL." The excerpt I read from the play displays a lack of chastity and purity. I checked out his "spirituality" links and wondered why this link was notably missing?


Would it have something to do with the fact that this is information for homosexuals (AND NO I AM NOT CONDEMNING HOMOSEXUALS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!!!)...that is loyal to the teachings of the Magesterium?

I will be writing a letter to the bishop to ask what he is going to do about this.

Anonymous said...

I am not a SH student or Alum, but I did see the play. As answer to your qustions:

1. I did not see any conflict. Yes, the play seemed to be in keeping with the Church's teaching. When you see the play, you learn that it is not about condoning gays, but respecting them.

2. You should contact the school directly to get this answer, instead of possibly getting misinformation from someone outside the school.

3. Again, contact the school or the Archdiocese to get an accurate answer. One question for you - do all plays performed at schools need Archdiocese approval. I have looked at various performances at other Catholic schools and churches in the Bay Area and there are several with "witches," "gays," one about a murder, and more. Is there a form that needed to be filled out by schools before all plays are put on?

4. You need to contact the Archdiocese and ask them.

5. If you had seen the play you would know that it is NOT a play directed at children only. It is very much a play that adults should see. At the performance I attended, the majority in attendance were adults. There were no little children and a very few teens.

6. Again, you should contact the school and that Catholic Church.

7. You should contact the Archdiocese directly to see if any have read the book. However, please note that the book and the play are not the same thing.

I would encourage you to actually see the play and do more accurate research until you make comments that seem inflammatory and inaccurate. My takeaway from the play was not one of condoning or condemning homosexuals, but one of treating them with some degree of respect.

When I attended the play, there was a very large group of Catholic priests and Nuns sitting in the front row. They were the first to give a standing ovation at the end of the play. They were the first to go up and thank and congratulate the performers. No, they were not from MHR, but apparently from several different churches here in this area.