Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AP Calls NJ For Christie

This strikes me as maybe premature, but what do I know.

From the AP:

"In the end, all the stumping in the world from the President of the United States wasn't going to stop regime change in New Jersey's highest office.

Republican Chris Christie ended Democrat Jon Corzine's four-year run in Trenton with a narrow victory on Tuesday, The Associated Press projected. Independent Chris Daggett, thought of by many as the wildcard who could upset the order of things by siphoning off votes from Christie, finished well back.

With 4,507 of 6,305 precincts reporting, Christie led Corzine 50 percent to 44 percent.

Earlier this year, LifeNews reported:

"As a prosecuting attorney, Christie, who was formerly pro-abortion but says he changed his mind on abortion after seeing an ultrasound of his daughter, hasn't tackled the abortion issue frequently....

Christie recently added a "Shared Values" page to his campaign web site stating he is pro-life.

"I am pro-life," Christie declares. "I am devoted to giving a voice to and taking action for those that are unable to protect themselves."

Christie has also vowed to veto same-sex "marriage" in New Jersey.

UPDATE: Fox News has also now called New Jersey for Christie.

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