Monday, November 16, 2009

To Stop Federally Funded Abortion, We've got to Stop the Senate's Bill

There may be enough votes to prevent the Senate's heathcare bill from proceeding this week, but there will not be enough votes to add a Stupak-like amendment, once the bill has proceeded to the amendments stage.

That's the analysis by Steve Ertelt at LifeNews and by the Family Research Council.

Hence the best, and perhaps only chance to prevent federally funded abortions, paid for by you, is to stop the bill at the "Motion to Proceed" stage.

From Steve Ertelt's article:

Washington, DC ( -- The first vote on the Senate version of the government-run health care bill, which is expected to include massive abortion funding, has been pushed back to later in the week. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will need 60 votes for his Motion to Proceed, which will begin the health care debate in the Senate.

The Motion to Proceed is needed to proceed with consideration of the Senate bill, which will be substituted for the House version as soon as the motion as approved....

Sen. Tom Harkin, an abortion advocate whose committee adopted one of two Senate health care bills that funds abortions and that Reid will merge into one final bill, which has yet to be unveiled, predicted Reid will get his 60 votes.

However, instead of a Tuesday vote, Harkin said the motion would be pushed back to Thursday or Friday.

As a result, Harkin said senators will not begin considering amendments to the health care bill until lawmakers return from the Thanksgiving recess next week.

When they do finally vote, they will likely consider an amendment similar to the Stupak amendment in the House that would de-fund virtually all abortions under the bill.

However, as has reported, it appears the pro-life side will not have enough votes for the amendment, which Harkin's and another committee defeated. As a result, pro-life lawmakers and groups will likely shift to a strategy of trying to delay and defeat the bill outright.

In an alert emailed to its members this afternoon, the Family Research Council warned that "the Senate could begin debate on the health care bill this week without any guarantee the government will not pay for abortions."

FRC fears Reid will not keep the Stupak amendment in the Senate version of the bill....

Mr. Ertelt closes his article with:

"ACTION: Go to or cal 202-224-3121 to ask your senators to vote no on the Motion to Proceed."

We completly agree.

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