Friday, November 6, 2009

Catholics for the Common Good Needs Your Help

Below is a message from Bill May at Catholics for the Common Good. Catholics for the Common Good is one of the premier organizations of Catholic laypeople in the state of California. Among their other good works, the CCG conducts workshops to train Catholics and others to promote the centrality and integrity of marriage for children & society. The CCG conducted telephone banks to help counter the massive efforts of same-sex “marriage” supporters in the recent victory in Maine. Here is Bill’s message:

“Please Support Continuing Training Effort

It has been quite a while since I wrote to you about a critical financial situation. Your generosity has sustained CCGI over the months as we launched our ambitious training and formation program. However, I must ask for your help with a short term cash flow problem.

There are always additional expenses for us in September, October, and November when our insurance policies are up for renewal. Although we have managed very well so far, we now find ourselves short by $2,100, which we need by Friday. As you can appreciate, liability insurance is critical to enable us to conduct trainings, practical tools workshops, and retreats for marriage advocates all over the state and beyond.

In addition to this, we have almost $3,000 in additional obligations due the following week.

The Lord has always provided and we continue to have confidence in Him.

By making the need known to you, perhaps you might be willing to make an additional donation to Catholics for the Common Good Institute for this month. Donations to CCGI are tax-deductible and are not disclosed to government agencies.

Please make your online donation today at

Or simply mail checks to:

Catholics for the Common Good Institute
P.O. Box 320038
San Francisco, CA 94132

We for ask the intercession of our patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

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