Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Obama as Solomon"

How I love the Catholic blogosphere! Nice post yesterday by Jeff Miller at "The Curt Jester." Excerpts:

"Obama as Solomon"

"I must admit it is nice to hear the President of Planned Parenthood complain about the Bishops....

Though the reaction is rather strange. Anger at the amendment of the bill that was not suppose to fund abortion in it any way. The normal two faces of politicians were once again asserting two things 1) This bill does not fund abortion 2) The Amendment goes too far in not allowing funding of abortion....

"Saying the bill cannot change the status quo regarding the ban on federally funded abortions, the president said, "There are strong feelings on both sides" about an amendment passed Saturday and added to the legislation, 'and what that tells me is that there needs to be some more work before we get to the point where we're not changing the status quo.'... "

"What? Oh wait the translation says 'I oppose the Stupak-Pitts amendment because it does exactly what I said I wanted.'

This is a step down for the President to go from messiah to Solomon. Sorry you can not both please God and Satan and you cannot please both sides of the abortion debate. Though there is a parallel with Solomon. Solomon said he would split the baby in two. In this debate there is one side that has no problem with splitting the baby in two or for that matter a hundred pieces. And there is a side who would protect the baby. Once again we know which side is telling the truth. "

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