Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jack Smith Says Healthcare will Likely Fail

From Jack Smith over at "The Catholic Key":

Healthcare Package Unlikely--With Or Without Stupak Intact

"There was much jubilation on the floor of the House Saturday night as the roll call vote in favor of the House health care reform bill hit the required 218 Yeas. But as the roll call continued and the Yea column only racked up two more votes, supporters and opponents of the bill should have realized that ultimately, the measure will likely fail. A post-vote analysis of who voted how shows that the three vote margin in favor is in serious jeopardy.

Thirty-nine Democrats voted against and one Republican voted in favor of the health care reform bill last night, yielding the three vote margin. That’s probably the best possible outcome for the bill. When and if the Senate votes out a bill and it is reconciled to the House bill, the House will vote again and the three vote margin could easily disappear.


To find out, go here.

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real estate agent in Vancouver said...

I've been thinking exactly the same when I was reading all the ecstatic blog posts appearing just minutes after the vote was over.

It's just the 1st round and the bill didn't do too well in there. I'm not sure it can survive any more of them..

Good luck to you all,