Sunday, November 15, 2009

Washington DC & Catholic Charities: Just Say NO!

We've been a little behind on covering the story out of Washington DC.

DC is telling Catholic Charities that if it does not (as Fr. Z says) "do things which are morally repugnant and contrary both to Scripture and the natural law" DC will no longer be willing to do business with Catholic Charities. Liberals are trying to spin this as if Catholic Charities is willing to deny help to the poor.

I don't think if DC city funding dries up, DC Catholics will all of a sudden stop helping the poor.

But speaking from our experience in San Francisco, we'd advise the Archdiocese of Washington DC to "just say NO" to the city's money, and tell them we'll take care of the poor on our own, thanks. We rehash for the umpteeth time the San Francisco experience, because it is an excellent lesson:

In 1997 Catholic Charities of San Francisco (CCCYO) acceded to providing domestic partner benefits in order to keep city contracts.

By 2000, CCCYO was placing adoptive kids to same-sex households.

By 2005, CCCYO had an openly homosexual Director of Programs and Services, who was also serving on the board of Family Builders by Adoption, (PDF 1MB) "the gayest (adoption) agency in the country" (their words).

By 2006, CCCYO, in order to keep city funding, partnered with Family Builders, thus staffing and funding a group committed by contract to increasing the number of children placed in LGBT households.

By 2007, CCCYO had (and still has) an openly same-sex married lesbian serving on their board, and as their treasurer.

In June 2009, responding to ongoing protests, CCCYO cancelled the partnership with Family Builders and no longer engages in any adoptions work. In August, 2009 CCCYO's erstwhile partner Family Builders was caught advertising for adoptive "dads" on the s/m & porn pages of homosexualist websites.

None of this just randomly happened. In 2006-07 CCCYO got over 60% ($20,525,272) of it's operating revenue in the form of government contracts. When that happens, you'd better believe politicians will call the tune. That does not mean CCCYO disagreed with the tune. It does mean that pressure from the outside coupled with strategically placed decision makers on the inside produced results like domestic partners benefits and homosexual/ transgender adoptions.
We hope the Archdiocese of Washington DC and every other Diocese in the country will learn from the San Francisco experience.

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