Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cardinal Schönborn DOESN'T Get It!

Outrageous and disappointing. From LifeSiteNews:

Vienna Cardinal Awards Papal Knighthood to Notorious Pro-Abortion Austrian Politician

"On June 25, Vienna Archbishop Cardinal Christoph Schönborn awarded Vienna Deputy Mayor Renate Brauner the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great, one of the highest honors conferred by the Catholic Church.

The German-language Catholic news service Kreuz.net reports that Brauner is a well-known supporter of abortion. In 2000 when Austrian politician Herbert Haupt attempted to protect the right to life of handicapped children by banning abortion for such unborn children after the third month of pregnancy, Brauner strenuously opposed the move. "Hands off the abortion law!" Kreuz.net quotes her as saying.

"I consider Haupt's suggestion to reduce the period of the so-called eugenic indication, an attempt to call abortion into question," she said at the time. "This becomes clear as Haupt challenges the exclusive responsibility of the woman to decide for or against an abortion."

In autumn 2005 she said: "If we socialist women speak about lasting values, we mean lasting women's values - abortion rights are part of it."

Dear Eminence, what were you thinking?

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