Friday, July 18, 2008

USF Update: Fr. Godfrey goes to World Youth Day

Father Donal Godfrey, Excutive Director of University Ministry at the (Jesuit) University of San Francisco made it to Sydney. He's the priest with the homilies published on the "Gay Catholic Forum."

Father's attending an "Acceptance" forum. "Acceptance" is a sort of Autralian version of "DignityUSA." The Acceptance folks were unhappy that they were not allowed to attend the World Youth Day events. From ABC News of Australia:

"The organisers of the forum had tried to have the event included in the event's Youth Festival but were told it did not fit within church policies."

No kidding. Check out their webpage to see why. Same old LGBT story.

Fr. Godfrey was also interviewed. You can hear the interview here. The first 55 seconds or so are especially interesting. If homosexuality is an affective disorder, the attempt to rationally justify it leads to intellectual disorder.

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