Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Need All the Prayers We Can Get!

They're at it again. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is once again targeting the constitutionality of prayer - This time, they are leveling their misguided threats at one of the most revered branches of our military ... the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland.

Help the ACLJ answer the ACLU with the force of thousands of voices raised in protest: Sign on to our PROCLAMATION OF SOLIDARITY FOR THE U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY and protect the constitutional right to prayer! I also ask you to use our website forward-to-friend tool to alert your friends of this important issue.

Here's the situation: For more than 160 years, there's been a mealtime prayer at noon at the U.S. Naval Academy ... ... a time-honored tradition of voluntary prayer that is now under attack. The ACLU is demanding that the Naval Academy stop this long-standing tradition - or face a federal lawsuit. This is an outrage! Congress and Supreme Court precedent support voluntary prayer. But, the ACLU is trying to shut down prayer - claiming voluntary prayer somehow violates the U.S. Constitution.

The ACLJ is taking immediate action and we need your help. Add your name to our online PROCLAMATION OF SOLIDARITY and encourage the Naval Academy to stand firm - to keep the noontime prayer - and to say NO to the unfounded demands of the ACLU. THE ACLU IS DEAD WRONG. The Naval Academy's longstanding tradition of having a chaplain offer a brief word of prayer before lunch does not violate the First Amendment, nor does it endorse a particular religious viewpoint. The fact is the lunchtime prayer at the Naval Academy is voluntary - and voluntary public acknowledgement of God is uniquely compatible with military service. We've sent the Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy a detailed letter outlining the legal reasons why this prayer tradition - believed to date back to the school's founding in 1845 - is not only proper but constitutional as well. We've launched this nationwide campaign so you can join your voice with ours in this debate!

Urge the Academy to uphold this tradition of military prayer by signing our nationwide online PROCLAMATION OF SOLIDARITY right now. I'm grateful for the dedicated service of those at the Naval Academy who have committed their lives to defending the freedoms of Americans at home and abroad. It's time for you and me to return the favor. Stand on behalf of the U.S. Naval Academy and in defense of their time-honored, constitutionally-protected traditions. Please make your voice heard by signing the ACLJ's online PROCLAMATION OF SOLIDARITY today. Thank you.

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