Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fr. Godfrey at World Youth Day update

This is scary and sad. It’s from the article we referenced below, about the meeting of the gay group “Acceptance” coinciding with World Youth Day:

“Organiser Paul Harris, from gay Catholic group Acceptance, says many people find there is a conflict between their sexuality and their spirituality.

No, really?

"They give up their faith, they give up going to church," he said…

That is a phenomenon that has been noticed before.

Twenty-four-year-old Daniel Smith had trouble reconciling the two issues. When he realised he was gay, his faith was an impediment.”

Remarkable. With great clarity, we see in these young men the germ of what, in San Francisco, came to be Most Holy Redeemer. They are faced with a choice that all Christians face all the time: follow our own sinful desires or follow Christ. Pray for them! And at the exact moment they need serious spiritual guidance from a Catholic priest, who shows up? None other than Fr. Donal Godfrey of USF who tells them there’s actually no conflict at all! Pray for him!

People often ask us why we blog so much about Most Holy Redeemer, the (Jesuit) University of San Francisco, etc. Well, this is why. That kind of teaching threatens the souls not only of our same-sex attracted brothers and sisters, but of everyone.

Posted by Gibbons.


Anonymous said...

Let's invoke the intercession of St. Charles Lwanga and Companions!! I believe there should be a greater devotion to these saints, especially in a place like San Francisco! A true and devoted catholic priest, like Fr. John Malloy, should contact and outreach to the members of Acceptance and help them understand the Church's teaching on homosexuality since this group is being mislead by Fr. Godfrey! I am very worried that many souls are at risk due to liberal priests like Fr. Godfrey who do not follow the word and teachings of Christ. So I urge all faithful christians to help and pray for the conversion of these indiviuals and help protect them from false teachings from liberals like Fr. Godfrey! Let us show groups like Acceptance that the Church truly does care about them and it is the Church who wants to help them save their souls and live a life in line with the teachings of Christ. St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, PRAY FOR US!!

Anonymous said...

I have to comment again how courageous you are, Father (you too, Gibbons!), for your steadfast beating of this drum. NO ONE ELSE is keeping the heat on my pathetic Alma Mater like you are, and I thank God you do so regularly. As someone who has dealt personally with Father Godfrey, I can say your are very fair and very accurate in your portrayal. Additionally, I'm enlivened by your charity toward him and to USF in general both by speaking the truth about it and also by asking for prayers for he and them. God Bless you all!