Thursday, July 24, 2008

Revolutions Devour Their Own Children... is said, and nowhere is this more true than the Sexual Revolution.

Mary Eberstadt has a devastating article over at First Things on the 40th Anniversary of dear Pope Paul's encyclical "Humanae Vitae."

It is surely no accident that the "gay rights" movement coincided with the greatest period of sexual immorality in the history of the world. It's only because we are in the midst of this disaster that an insane proposition like same-sex "marriage" is even being considered.

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Anonymous said...

That's a great article, Gibbons. The gay rights movement is nothing more than another point on the larger continuum of the degradation of sexual morality. It's also the largely predictable consequence of the decoupling of the sexual act from procreation. It also, as pointed out in the article, opened the door to pornography, which has utterly ruined the lives of so many young women, chewing them up and spitting them out again, their bodies and souls ravaged. Thanks be to God for the Church and her courageous stand on this. I only pray that more priests will have the courage to speak out on contraception.