Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More from Canada...

Following up on Fr. Malloy's previous post of Bishop Henry of Calgary's great letter, here's a Catholic World News story on Madonna House's returning of their "Order of Canada" in protest of the Canadian government's giving the same award to notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler:

"Father David May, one of the three directors of Madonna House, commented on the decision to return the medal to the Governor General:

'Catherine Doherty was honoured to receive this award in 1976. She exemplified what the Order of Canada should be about: an individual committed to strengthening the nation by her contribution to the vulnerable and the marginalized. It is only after much prayer and consultation with our community, as well as with heavy hearts, that we are undertaking this action. The Order has been devalued in recent days, and we are confident that Catherine is spiritually present with us, affirming this gesture of love for our country and for the values which alone can sustain it. Without absolute respect for the gift of life, no society can survive. '"

I love it. The Church is never stronger than when she seems to be standing alone.

More on this disgusting "honor" here and here.

Update: Carl Olsen has a good essay on Morgentaler over at the Insight.

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