Thursday, July 31, 2008

Proposition 8 and School Indoctrination

On July 25, the San Francisco Chronicle printed an article called “Proposition 8 Backers take Fight to Kindergarten.” From the article:

“Backers of a November initiative to ban same-sex marriage in California plan to tell voters in the state ballot pamphlet that the constitutional amendment would protect children as young as kindergarten age from being taught in school about the virtues of gay and lesbian matrimony.”

"If the gay marriage ruling is not overturned, teachers will be required to teach young children there is no difference between gay marriage and traditional marriage," supporters of Proposition 8 said in ballot arguments that went on public display this week at the secretary of state's office. It's all nonsense and scare tactics, opponents of the measure said Thursday.”

Nonsense and scare tactics?

Check out this flyer for the “Gay Pride/Respect Promotion Month,” from the San Francisco Unified School District’s Heath Programs Department. The entire thing is an obscenity, but the Elementary School Curriculum deserves special attention:

Grades Kindergarten to 2 curriculum is “All Families are Special” which attempts to indoctrinate children into believing that a child can have “two mommies.”

Grades Kindergarten to 3 curriculum is “And Tango Makes Three.” From Wikipedia:

“And Tango Makes Three is a 2005 children's book written by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson and illustrated by Henry Cole. The book is based on the true story of Roy and Silo, two male Chinstrap Penguins in New York's Central Park Zoo who for a time formed a couple.”

Grade Two Curriculum: “My Two Uncles.” Comment unnecessary.

One of the contacts on the “April is Gay Pride Month” flyer is a man named Kevin Gogin. Mr. Gogin is also spearheading the “Welcoming Schools” project for the San Francisco Unified School District.

“Welcoming Schools” is a public school initiative of the Human Rights Campaign. It is being piloted in three school districts around the country. HRC is the largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender political action group in the country. Now, why would a political action group be pushing an initiative like this? Because under the guise of preventing bullying, “Welcoming Schools” seeks to have same-sex households acknowledged as equally desirable as is a natural family. I could pull a quotation more or less anywhere from the program, but this is as good as any:

“If you want to try to break down “naturally” occurring divisions in the class between boys and girls, it is best to avoid using “boys and girls” when referring to the class as a group and eliminate times that children are divided by gender or seated or grouped in gender-defined patterns. For some children, identifying as a boy or girl in order to participate in an activity creates internal dissonance. If you change your language, and, later, your thinking, it can be very liberating for some children and broaden the scope of experiences and expectations for all the children.”

Sounds like a gay re-education camp for your children.

The Alliance Defense Fund has a very comprehensive takedown of “Welcoming Schools” here.

As we said, the leader of the “Welcoming Schools” effort for the SFUSD is a man named Kevin Gogin. That name rang a bell. Could this be the same Kevin Gogin described in Father Donal Godfrey’s book “Gays and Grays: the Story of the Gay Community at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church”? I think so.

“The baptism of children being raised by gay couples took place publicly at the 10AM Sunday liturgy…One gay couple, Dan McPherson and Kevin Gogin, active MHR parishioners while (Father Tony) McGuire was pastor, did adopt a daughter, Sarah, in 1998, but she was quietly baptized outside the parish at St. Ignatius Church. . . .Rob Lane & Don Propstra’s adopted son was baptized at a regular liturgy in the parish on October 21, 1990 . . . “Kevin and Dan [Gogin and McPherson] were the godparents.” p103-104.

The Dan McPherson mentioned is now the Associate Dean of the School of Education at the Jesuit University of San Francisco. By the way, it’s against Canon Law to have two godparents of the same gender. The Church teaches that it is important for the child to have a role model from each gender. Silly Church! Believes such a thing as gender is real!

The Archdiocese of San Francisco will have a lot to answer for by tolerating the presence of these men. According to the USF website: “McPherson coordinated the School of Education’s Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy program.” An open homosexual is now teaching Marriage and Family Therapy at a “Catholic” university. Gogin is now indoctrinating the children of San Francisco into the homosexual agenda. Once again we thank our curent Archbishop, George Niederauer for finally putting a stop to Most Holy Redeemer Church's annual participation in the "Gay Pride Parade."

Any of you parents who don’t want their children exposed to this have the right (for now) to pull your children from these public school classes. But YOU must specifically request this. The California Catholic Bishops have an informational brochure letting you know what you must do to protect your children. Needless to say, the public schools make it as difficult as possible:

From the Bishops’ brochure:

"In plain words:

Parents or guardians who object to certain education offered to their children must specifically request that they be excused, i.e., they must "opt-out," or the school assumes that permission for the students to participate has been granted.

In order to make that "specific request" a parent or guardian must complete an "opt-out" form. A standard "opt-out" form can be obtained from the school office.

A signed "opt-out" form must be submitted for each student and for each type of objectionable activity from which that student is to be excused. An "opt-out" form for each student is only considered valid for the current school year-and must be resubmitted annually.”

Emphasis in original.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Anonymous said...

...and they've had remarkable success with this sort of thing. I think it's impossible to say our side hasn't lost tremendous ground in the last decades.
The upshot is that only religious people are actually breeding anymore, since all the liberals see sex as strictly for recreation. I'm thinking they'll contracept themselves out of existence in a generation or two and we'll be left with a Catholic paradise!

Chino Blanco said...

This Thursday, August 14th, from 5:30 p.m - 8:30 p.m. at 2020 Main Street, Irvine, California:

ACTION ALERT: Tell the Right-Wing Consultants NO to Prop 8!

Anonymous said...

When writing on this subject in the future, I urge you to keep in mind the murder of 15 year-old Lawrence King from Oxnard this year ( Lawrence was murdered because he identified himself as gay. Your writing fuels the sentiment that supports hate-motivated crimes such as these. Please consider the possibility a program like “Gay Pride/Respect Promotion Month,” may actually prevent suffering and harm.

Perhaps a quick review of the Prayer of St. Francis would give you some inspiration in your next post. It's one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous comment,
Your diverting away from what the Father has said, he didnt use any language or inference to encourage any hateful behavior. He simple defended and put out there the truths that seem to be denied, such as God plan and the fact hat gender exists. Instead of poo-poo'ing his un-provoking style of presenting how God intended things- maybe you should save your comment for where it belongs- to prevent hate crimes, as it is now misplaced, and just goes to show how people and try to divert protection of marriage and turn it into something negative or related to a hate crimed (which to the trained, intelligent person can see is unrelated and mockingly distracting).