Saturday, July 19, 2008

God Bless Doug Manchester!

From today's San Francisco Chronicle:

"Same-sex marriage advocates demanded Friday that Hyatt Hotels Corp. end its relationship with a business partner who is financially backing a California ballot initiative that would ban such marriages.

Picketers outside the Manchester Grand Hyatt waved rainbow banners and signs reading "The 'Hyatt' of Hypocrisy" to protest owner Doug Manchester's $125,000 donation to a group backing the November ballot measure."

God Bless Mr. Manchester! The best way to support him is to support Proposition 8.

Their website is

Posted by Gibbons.


Anonymous said...

Manchester is going to pay with loss of business and loss of value in his properties. Are you low-wage dead enders going to drink at his hotel bars? No, gay people...high income, few kids...would have. Also, corporate meeting planners aren't going to risk their jobs by meeting at Manchester's hotels when there are so many others.......

Anonymous said...

Is your faith in your religion so fragile that you think other people getting civil recognition of their relationship somehow damages it? As a Catholic myself, I know the difference between religious marriage and civil marriage, and I know religious marriage is more important. As an American, i know the constitution does not allow the state to mandate the practice of any religion.

Anonymous said...

Can I vote on YOUR marriage rights now?

Sent anonomously because some people have way too much time on their hands.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is OBVIOUSLY a sexual perversion. Legalizing it would only make it seem more legitimate. It has always been in society's best interest to promote monogamous, heterosexual unions, a.k.a. marriage, for reasons too numerous to list here. The real haters here are those that hate righteousness and pervert God's design.