Friday, October 10, 2008

Bishop Cordileone Video on Marriage

Our California Catholic Bishops are seizing the teaching moment and speaking out on marriage! Here's His Excellency Salvatore Cordileone of San Diego.It's over at Marriage Matters to

Follow the link to the page, the video will start automatically:


Frank said...

I am curious. How will Bishop Cordileone tell minors who will grow up to be homosexual that they must live their lives alone and die alone? How is it that the last two popes have had exclusive same sex companions for last decades of their lives, but this pope denies this simple decency to gay people? How will Bishop Cordileone explain to a child why Benedict has a domestic partner, but that child's beloved uncle is not only damned, but a second class citizen if that uncle has a domestic partner?

Anonymous said...

Since when does companionship between same sex people mean a requirement of sex and marriage? The Bishop never said they can't have close companionship, the Church calls those who are homosexual to a life of chastity? Are you saying that homosexual's cannot control themselves, therefore this is an impossibility?