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Terrorists & Communists Support WHO???

Seantor Obama's relationship with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers is now well known. So is his relationship with Mike Klonsky, founder of the Maoist "October League." Mr. Klonsky was blogging in Senator Obama's website as recently as June 25, 2008. In 1991 Klonsky and Ayers founded the "Small Schools Workshop" in Chicago. They received nearly $2 million in funding from the Joyce and Woods Foundation and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge when Barack Obama sat on the boards of those organizations--indeed, Senator Obama was the chair of the board that oversaw funding decisions when he was at Joyce/Woods.

Today the "American Thinker" linked to a video of a man named Larry Grathwohl, an FBI agent who infiltrated the Weather Underground in 1969-1970. In the video Mr. Grathwohl claims that the Weather Underground discussed mudering up to 25 million Americans if they ever came to power in the United States. After viewing the video I did some googling of Mr. Grathwohl and came across this 1977 story in the New York Times, discussing the Weather Underground. Excerpts below:

FBI Asserts Cuba Aided Weathermen

The New York Times
October 9, 1977


WASHINGTON, Oct. 8 - Cuban espionage agents operating in the United States and Canada supplied limited aid to the Weather Underground, a militant antiwar organization, in the late 1960's and early 1970's, according to a top-secret report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

The following were some of the key points:

-Three years before militant members of the students for a Democratic Society split off to form the Weather Underground Organization in 1970, North Vietnamese and Cuban officials were influencing radical antiwar strategy through foreign meetings. Many of these meetings were held in Communist countries, including Hungary, Czechoslovakia and North Vietnam,

-The conduit for contact in the United States was a group of intelligence agents assigned to the staff of the Cuban Mission to the United Nations in New York. These agents arranged for American youths to be inculcated with revolutionary fervor and, occasionally, to be trained in practical weaponry by Cuban military officers through the so-called Venceremos Brigades.

-After the Weathermen went "underground" in 1970 and many of them were being sought by the F.B.I. on criminal charges, Cuban intelligence officers were in touch with them from both the New York mission and the Cuban Embassy in Canada.

-Cuban officials helped several Weather Underground adherents who feared arrest in the United States to travel to Prague, Czechoslovakia, and then to reenter the United Slates surreptitiously. The report linked the growing militancy of certain members of the Students for a Democratic Society, which resulted in the so-called Days of Rage in Chicago in 1969; to North Vietnamese advice the year before to choose youngsters who would battle with the police.

The report noted that the objective of Cuban intelligence officers in the General Directorate of Intelligence (known by its initials in Spanish as the D.G.I., Cuba's equivalent of the C.I.A.) was not always the same as that of the young members of the Weather Underground.

It said the ultimate objective of the D.G.I's participation in setting up the Venceremos Brigades "is the recruitment of individuals who are politically oriented and who someday may obtain a position, elective or appointive, somewhere in the U.S. Government, which would provide the Cuban Government with access to political, economic and military intelligence...

A man who was publicly described as the most effective informer the F.B.I. ever placed among the Weathermen, Larry Grathwohl, reported to the bureau that a code system for communications had been set up by the Cubans, the report said.

"In February 1970, leading WUO member Bill Ayers told fellow underground WUO member Larry Grathwohl that if communication could not be made through these Canadian numbers, an individual should get in touch with the Cuban Embassy in Canada in order to establish contact with other members of the WUO," the report said.

Why is a candidate for the President of the United States palling around with Communists and terrorists? Why do they support him?

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