Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Million!!

What a travesty! One million dollars given by the teachers union to defeat what was the will of the people of California: keep marriage as a union of man and woman.

And that’s not all the union has done to defend its social engineering program. The foxes are guarding the hen house!

Of course, not all teachers are bad, but why do they sit back and accept their hard earned dues going to support political issues? And how can they accept first graders getting released time to attend the “wedding” ceremony of their lesbian teacher?

My plan: cut the budget where it can and should be cut-- the administration. Why do our private schools do as good and better a job of education with less then half the capital? The pork is removed and that’s what we need in our public schools and our state politics. Cut out the pork and there will be money for the basic needs.

Here are some wise words of Tom McClintock, who a couple of years back, suggested cutting the administration budget by asking if, "Maybe - as a temporary measure only - we should spend our school dollars on our schools. I realize that this is a radical departure from current practice, but desperate times require desperate measures." He goes on to describe a school with luxury commercial office space, executive washrooms, around-the-clock janitorial service, wall-to-wall carpeting, utilities and music in the elevators, new desks, associate professors from the California State University, an annual membership at a private health club with a trained and courteous staff of nutrition and fitness counselors, aerobics classes and the latest in cardiovascular training technology, $75 new books - plus an extra $5 to have the student's name engraved in gold leaf on the cover.

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