Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Many Good Bishops...

I can't keep up!

But Tom Peters over at American Papist can:

"On Keeping/Kicking Kmiec Out

One bishop (Most Rev. Lawrence E. Brandt, JCD, PhD of Greensburg, PA) is trying:

Yesterday afternoon I received word that Seton Hill University had extended an invitation to Mr. Douglas Kmiec to speak on its campus regarding faith and politics. I have attempted in vain to reach the President of Seton Hill, Dr. JoAnne Boyle in this regard, but to no avail.
As the teacher of authentic Catholic doctrine in the Diocese of Greensburg, I feel compelled to state in view of this situation that Mr. Kmiec distorts Catholic teaching by making it synonymous with his own personal views. There is no “other” Catholic position except the one which appears in authentic Church documents. His misrepresentations of Catholic doctrine do a grave disservice to the Catholic community and far beyond.

I seriously question the good judgment of the University administration in allowing him a platform on campus.

... Is it any wonder then that not only the demonstrators at the event, but many others as well, consider his presentation an offensive trivialization of the institution's declared Catholic identity!"

Mr. Peters also has good coverage on Bishop Martino of Scranton's visit to a political forum.


Salt of the Earth said...

I dont this statement is on the Bishop's website anymore. I think it must have been taken down.

Dan said...

I don't see it either.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, James & Dan. Link is now fixed. The url is:

A Shepherd's Voice said...

Sorry again! The url is very long and does not fit in the combox but, click on the "Greensburg, PA" link in the post and it will take you to the letter.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they took it down from the public area. Could the Bishop be withdrawing it?

Anonymous said...

Just do a search for Bp. Brandt & Kmiec see the results.