Tuesday, October 7, 2008

California Parental Notification Initiative

A syndicated California columnist named Tom Elias ran a column on Tuesday making absolutely outrageous claims about girls dying and being maimed where there are parental notification laws.


Catherine Short, Legal Director for Life Legal Defense Foundation, has responded as follows:In warning his readers about Proposition 4, the parental notification initiative, Tom Elias makes some bold assertions about “case histories” showing girls getting back alley abortions or self-aborting when faced with the prospect of a parent being notified. His claims are pure, unadulterated fiction. There are no case histories, no studies, no support at all for his oh-so-scientific sounding proclamations.

The opponents of Prop 4 are unable to point to a single case of a minor being harmed by a parental involvement law. But with “journalists” like Mr. Elias around to fabricate this stuff, why would they need facts or evidence? It’s in the newspaper; it must be true.Moving from full lies to half-lies, Mr. Elias states that, under Prop 4, a minor from an abusive home could only get a waiver to tell another adult family member if there was a “formal record” or “formal history” of abuse by a parent. That’s incorrect.Prop 4 allows the doctor to notify another adult family member in place of a parent whenever a girl states in writing that she has been the victim.

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