Sunday, October 19, 2008

"You Can't Make an Omelet Without Breaking Eggs"

That seems to be the conclusion of Cathleen Kaveny, a pro-Barack Obama "Catholic" writing in the October 27 issue of "America," the Jesuit magazine. In her closing paragraph she writes:

"For many pro-life Catholics, the issue of voting and abortion comes down to this: what does one do if one thinks that the candidate more likely to reduce the actual incidence of abortion is also the one more committed to keeping it legal?"

The answer is: you don't actually kill people today in the hope of some possible El Dorado down the road. The Twentieth Century sacrificed over 90 million people to that idea. That's why this post is titled with that quote that is often attributed to Lenin. For even if he did not originate it, he certainly applied it. If a pro-Obama "Catholic" can say such things, may the Blessed Mother protect us from a pro-Obama atheist!

No wonder the Communist Party USA supports Obama and thinks that "their time has come."

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Anonymous said...

This is really macabre kind of thinking these Catholics are using. Around 1.3 million children are terminated each year in the US. So with Obama and his strategy of reducing the number of abortions, we'll get down to what, 1.1 million? 900,000? We are still talking about slaughter of the innocents on a massive scale, and they are voting for the candidate who will guarantee it will continue for at least a decade.