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Most Holy Redeemer Chimes in on Proposition 8

You knew it was just a matter of time.

The San Francisco Chronicle printed a column today by C. W. Nevius titlled: "S.F. Catholic church walks fine line on Prop. 8"

The column describes MHR's objections to the Church's defense of natural marriage, and opens with the unintentionally hilarious line:

"It seemed San Francisco's Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church had found the perfect balance between the teachings of the church and gay and lesbian parishioners - at least until Proposition 8 the state initiative to ban same-sex marriage, made the ballot."

Most Holy Redeemer Church is the only Catholic Church in history that has photos of parish events posted on a website that requires an obscenity disclaimer.

For an example of the "balance" Mr. Nevius describes, go here and follow the links, particularly to "Ellard Hall Events" or to the "Staff Members" page (particularly "Lay Staff") or to the infamous video of "Revival Bingo."

Mr. Nevius' column also quotes two MHR Pastoral Council Members (past & current) Matt Dorsey and Patrick Mulcahy.

"It is really out of right field," said Matt Dorsey, a member of the Holy Redeemer Parish Council. "I would expect this from Karl Rove, but not from the spiritual leader of (several hundred thousand) Catholics."

Mr. Dorsey is Press Secretary for Dennis Herrera, City Attorney of San Francisco. It was Mr. Herrera who sued the State of California over same-sex "marriage."

Of course Fr. Donal Godfrey, Executive Director of University Ministry at USF, makes an appearance:

"In a perfect world, Niederauer would stand up to the church to say that he knows many gay and lesbian married couples and that their unions do not threaten anyone. But the reality is that church leaders get their marching orders from what Mulcahey calls 'a fax machine in the Vatican,' and taking a stand against the hierarchy is a no-win situation.

And, sure enough, a call to the archbishop's office produced no answers. A spokeswoman, who insisted that she not be quoted, said that the man who was authorized to speak to the media would be out of the office until Oct. 29, and that no one else could comment. A message left on thearchbishop's voice mail was not returned.

You can hardly blame them for their caution, said (Fr. Donal) Godfrey, who is the executive director of university ministry at the University of San Francisco. "The bishops must feel pressure to go along," he said. 'There aren't that many going around campaigning for (Prop. 8). I think they signed off on (the e-mail) and hoped it ends soon.'"

I look forward to His Excellency's response to columnists & Jesuits putting words in his mouth.

Of course, had Mr. Nevius done a little homework, he could have found an extended treatment of the issue by Archbishop Niederauer, by going here:

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