Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't Be Fooled

Our President is a powerful speaker and has most of the country in the palm of his hand. But words and "change" should not be lightly accepted without some basic premises to keep in mind.

Let me remind you once again of the "five non-negotiables” from Catholic Answers Action.

As you know, the majority of American Catholics have traditionally voted for political candidates who take the WRONG positions on the key moral issues of our day :
1. Abortion
2. Euthanasia
3. Embryonic Stem Cell Research
4. Human Cloning
5. Homosexual "Marriage.

Why do Catholics vote for the very things they're bound in conscience to oppose?
The answer is simple . . . They aren't really aware of what they're doing! And the #1 reason for that is the bias, misinformation, and lack of information that comes from the mainstream news media.

Think about it . . . When was the last time the news media showed the truth about abortion? They never show the American people what abortion does to babies. They'll show graphic pictures of all kinds of other violence, but they never show the truth about abortion.

When Terri Schiavo was being put to death by starvation and dehydration, the news media went out of their way to convince the American people that she "deserved" to die because she was a "vegetable." The majority of American people were thus in favor of Terri suffering a horrible death-even while her family wanted to take care of her.

When stem cell research comes up, the news media never tell people about adult stem cells-and the tremendous progress being made with them. The media want the American people to think that we have to kill innocent human life in order to reap the benefits of science.

When the topic turns to human cloning, the same thing is true. The news media never address the issue of the morality involved in creating cloned human life-and where our society will end up if we try to play God.

And woe to you if you say one word against homosexuals wanting to get "married." The news media immediately brand you as a "homophobe" and "extremist"-but they never explain the arguments against homosexual "marriage.

They act as if it's a foregone conclusion that men should be allowed to marry men, and women should be allowed to marry women, and transgender people should be allowed to marry . . . who knows what.

Well, the five non-negotiables (as it turns out) are among the key moral issues in our day. True to form, the mainstream news media does their best to obscure these issues in the minds of the American people.

What's more, the media aren't telling us exactly where our political leaders stand on the five non-negotiables. As a result, many Catholics are still confused, bewildered, and befuddled when these issues are proposed as laws. History shows us that most of the bad candidates who have been elected never would have gotten into office were it not for the Catholic vote e.g. Joe Biden, Wesley Clark, Christopher Dodd, Rudy Giuliani, Dennis Kucinich, and Bill Richardson, Nancy Pelosi…

Keep an eye on impending legislation regarding these basic life issues and don’t be fooled by words which obscure the truth.


Anonymous said...

Dear Father Malloy,

Truer words were never spoken. However, the post-election polls I saw indicated that Obama was able to seriously split the vote even among so-called church-going Catholics. This clearly indicates that the "Five Non-Negotiables" are not being systematically preached to the pew-sitting faithful. Why is this? Why doesn't the USCCB organize a grass-roots parish-based initiative to rectify this situation? Unless something is done, we are doomed to repeat ad infinitum these grave errors by the Catholic electorate.

I love your blog. God bless!

Tom in San Jose

Mame said...

God bless you Father! Your blog is fabulous and the first place I go to help me see the truth.

Generally in daily parish life, we do not often get basic Catholic teaching expressed point blank (other than from great priests like yourself but let's face it, you are rare. ) Added to that, we have to wade through wondering what on earth the bishops mean when they put out documents like "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship" in which it seems like they equate "other issues" with life issues.

Before the election I went to a talk on forming Catholic consciences at a nearby parish where we were told that there are many things in addition to the 5 non-negotiables that are also intrinsic evils and we have to take them into consideration too (the war in Iraq, the economic situation, and even the condition of drinking water etc.) It seemed we were being given justification for voting for O'Bama even though his name never came up. I was thoroughly disgusted.

So thank you Father for speaking the truth clearly. I only wish that you could come and talk at every parish in America!

May God bless and protect you always,

John C. Hathaway said...

A nice post. However, one frequently sees this list of only five "non-negotiable" moral issues of our day. I am not sure where this list originates.

However, the list strikes me as incomplete. These "non-negotiables" are such because they constitute flagrant violations of Natural Law, and no law which violates natural law is ever valid.

However, there are several others blatant violations of natural law which American Catholics barely speak of as political issues, which most American Catholics do not even acknowledge as violations of Natural Law, and which our Holy Mother advises us to fight against just as strongly as we fight against homosexual "marriage" and abortion.

Namely: artificial contraception, in vitro fertilization and "no-fault" divorce.

These three evils lie at the root of our Culture Wars, and we will continue to lose the Culture Wars so long as we collectively cede these issues to the Enemy.