Thursday, March 5, 2009

Report from "40 Days For Life"

Our good Archbishop George Niederauer, in a letter sent out to the priests of the Archdiocese encouraging them to attend the "40 Days for Life" vigil, called the areas around the abortion businesses "the Golgotha of our time."

I witnessed what he meant yesterday.

A lady of about 40 was leaving the abortion business. She was walking down the stairs very unsteadily, and when she reached the landing she had to lean against the wall. After a time she stood up straight again, and finished her walk down the stairs. Not a single person in that place even offered to assist her down the stairs. Then she walked, by herself, across the street, to where a man was waiting for her in a truck. They drove off


I've been joining our brothers and sisters down at the "40 Days for Life" vigil at the Planned Parenthood abortion business on Eddy Street every Wednesday and Friday. It has been a very moving experience. I've been surprised by the support we have received from passers-by. I expected a much larger negative response, but I'd say the positive responses outweigh the negatives by about three to one (although as one would expect some of the negative responses are truly vile). Not to mention a nice lady brought a big thermos of hot chocolate!

God Bless Dr. Ron Konopaski, the organizer of our local event, for giving us this wonderful opportunity. To learn more, or to sign up for a time slot, go here:

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Anonymous said...

Wow. You observed a lady in distress and didn't even bother to assist her yourself???!! Were you just assuming why she was struggling to walk, or did you really have all the facts?? I believe our Christian teachings would guide us to help others. Things aren't always what they appear to be.

Anonymous said...

What you say contains truth, Anonymous 10:08. But I was afraid to go help her because I was afraid I might be arrested for interefering at an abortion business.

As for assumptions, I did not make any. I'm just reporting what I saw.

Gibbons in SF

Anonymous said...

Obviously a problem with our society. People are more concerned about themselves than helping others. Sad, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed.

Gibbons in SF.

Anonymous said...

One thing that strikes me when I pray in front of a clinic is how alone these women are. Far too often the women come out alone, unaided by anyone - no family, no friends, certainly not the clinic workers. One time a woman came over to us to borrow a cell phone so that she could call her ride to come get her.