Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Adult Stem-Cell Update:

Many times in the SS. Peter and Paul weekly bulletin, we asked whether California voters were having second thoughts about allocating $3billion+ for morally indefensible, pie-in-the-sky embryonic stem-cell reasearch, that has yet to show a single treatment, while adult and cord-blood stem-cells are treating diseases right and left.

The latest, from Science Daily:

"A special type of cell found in the eye has been found to be very important in regenerating the retina in zebrafish and restoring vision even after extensive damage. Now, a UK team of scientists believe they may be able to use these cells -- known as Müller glial cells -- to regenerate damaged retina in humans, according to a study published this month in the journal Stem Cells.... Müller cells with stem cell properties could potentially restore sight to someone who is losing or has lost their sight due to diseased or damaged retina," says Dr Astrid Limb, who led the study. 'Our findings have enormous potential. It may be possible to store the cells in a cell bank and transplant them into the eye or to use cells from a person's own eye.'"

Read the whole thing.

And to see how investors are starting to bail from companies that are doing embryonic stem-cell research, visit Ad Majoram Dei Gloriam.

Posted by Gibbons (while Fr. John is on Retreat).

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