Monday, August 6, 2007

Double Standards

When the media toots gay pride parades as “a coming together of community in all its facets” and “it celebrates its tolerance and diversity,” it speaks well of neither the community nor tolerance, not diversity.

This blog site has documented the perversity of the gay pride parade of San Francisco, but that of San Diego (July 21, 2007) may be just as bad.

Local papers reporting on the parades, both in San Francisco and San Diego, made no mention of the lewd and offensive behavior that characterized the parades.

San Diego Fire Chief, Tracy Jarman, an open lesbian, stated, “This is a fun event and all employees are encouraged to participate.” However four of the firefighters were forced to participate against their will and were subject to no little degree of sexual harassment during a three hour ordeal Civil rights have been denied and four firefighters are taking their case to the Court. The Thomas More Law Center is leading the charge

The firefighters were targets of gross sexual gestures to include the following: exposure of genitals, blowing kisses, grabbing of the crotch, rubbing of nipples, tongue gestures, men hugging and kissing one another passionately, many of them wearing make-up and dressed like women. Although the firefighters were not physically assaulted, the gestures were clearly directed towards them.

And what about the children along the parade routs? We let the kids see this obscenity, but if I so much a showed one child even one picture of what they were allowed to see in our gay pride parades, I could be put in jail. Talk about double standards!


Ronald M. Criss said...


Actually Sura 9:11 in the Koran is the following:

But (even so), if they repent, establish regular prayers, and practise regular charity,- they are your brethren in Faith: (thus) do We explain the Signs in detail, for those who understand.

I don't believe an eagle is ever mentioned in the Koran.


Anonymous said...

Old Screwtape is smiling at the spectacle.