Monday, August 6, 2007

Stirring the Pot

The SF Chronicle has given me some coverage this last month. It seems I raised a bit of hell re: the gay lifestyle.

Here's the reply I made and here's the letter that the Chronicle sought approval to print, but never did:


The pot is stirring and the nerves touched by the homosexual debate irritate many, as evidence by “More on sex, sin and immorality" (July 28)

People have a right to differ on issues, but their arguments should be germane to the subject of disagreement. Most of the letters to the editor attacking my statements were beyond the parameters of the problem of homosexuality. Slavery, pedophilia, Galileo, the Bill of Rights, etc, etc. are not the issue.

Wrongs don’t make rights for the Catholic Church or any other institution.

Homophobia is another catch word which is meant, it seems, to put down anyone who does not accept homosexual actions as moral.

And then there’s the Gay Pride Parade: that the Parade is “a coming together of community in all its facets” and that “it celebrates its tolerance and diversity” may be true. But does it make me a hypocrite to decry the demonstration of frontal nudity, suggestive gyrations, graphic displays that little children are subjected to in this event?

This would be a better world if we were all more decent and pure in our relations with each other: Catholic, Protestant, Jew or Muslim...

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