Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dogs & Life

Our football quarterback star Vick has come to hard times.

What a fracas the public and press is making over his treatment of dogs!
I love animals and I, too, was disturbed at the way the non performing fighting dogs were so brutally killed. The outrage was merited. Punishment is called for the crime against animal life.

However, where is the outrage at the crimes against human life?

For 34 years, since Roe vs. Wade, a few Supreme Court justices have condemned to death without trial 45 million babies, just because they were not wanted.

The high court did state that if personhood is established (for the fetus), the appellant's case collapses, that is the right to life would be guaranteed by the 14th amendment.

It is absolutely necessary that a Life at Conception Act be passed by our Congress so that unborn children be declared persons as defined by the 14th Amendment and thus be entitled to legal protection.

Congressman Steve King and the National Pro-Life Alliance are urging citizens to contact their congress representatives and ask them to support such an Act.

You can help:
National Pro-Life Alliance
4521 Windsor Arms Court
Annandale, VA 22003

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