Friday, August 10, 2007

Do Something

We know that there are Catholics who do not agree with Catholic teachings on abortion. They say that abortion is a choice. They feel that they do not have the right to say if a woman gets an abortion or not. Some even feel that the embryo or fetus does not have a right to live.

One cannot be pro abortion and Catholic at the same time. Millions of abortions occur worldwide. These aborted people are missing pieces of our history. Catholicism teaches abortion doesn't just destroy a clump of cells or blobs of tissue. Abortion kills humans. They have bodies, organs, experiences, and a path of life.

God loves everyone even at the moment of conception. Are pro-life Catholics against women and reproductive choices? Of course not. But Catholics, as all patriots, have responsibilities with voting and politics. Catholics need to make sure that politicians get into office who will protect matters Catholic, which are matters for the good of all Americans.

There are many corrupt laws in effect in our land. Christians need to stand up for truth and right. Catholicism does not mean to sit back and allow evil to triumph. Christians have a moral duty to vote to not let bad things happen. When someone who supports abortion is voted into office that means thousands more innocent lives are probably going to be killed. If we don’t vote, we share the guilt in allowing evil to win.

Catholics should vote for candidates who are just and have the good of society in mind. We all have basic rights. Some candidates want to overlook the basic right to life. Protecting human life should be a primary obligation of a country's leaders. A candidate who favors abortion rights or rights that devalue marriage is not for the good of society.

Don't just talk about wanting the good of society. Do something about it.

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Anonymous said...

Many of us are doing something. And we are not limiting us to feeble and lukewarm agenda of the Republican Party and those "pro-life" groups that serve as their junior partner. We are rejecting the partisanship and the half-heartedness of many self-describe pro-lifers. yes, we support efforts by the GOP to legally restrict abortion (even though when you actuallu read the GOP platform their plan is to slowly change the composition of the courts, reverse Roe v. Wade and then go state by state making it illegal for doctors to perform abortion but illegal for women to have them.

But, true pro-lifers don't stop there. We can easily see that the experience of the whole world is that the most effective way of saving unborn lives is a strong social safety net. Republican politicans who mouth pro-life words while cutting needed social services from women in need are not pro-life.