Monday, August 13, 2007

Sex for Kids

Proponents of sex education in public schools are proponents of sex for kids.

They don't believe that. They say they are only trying to help kids understand their sexuality and practice sex safely. Young people can have fun and pleasure and avoid the consequences of troublesome pregnancies if they only know how to use condoms and practice safe sex! After all aren’t most kids involved with sexual partners by the time they reach the age to drive a car, and even earlier?

But WE have to ask: Isn't chastity still the most effective means of preventing pregnancy as well as a multitude of sexual diseases? Sexual diseases for young people are spreading more every day, with painful consequences and destroyed lives.

Should we not teach the young that premarital sex is immoral? It’s immoral for adults, too!

Unfortunately Planned Parenthood, which is making millions in tax payers dollars, urges abortion for unwanted pregnancies and supports the effort to prevent parents from even being notified of their daughters "problem." Parents must wake up to the realities of the internet and ipod world and the huge amount of pornography that is pouring into the lives of their sons and daughters. It is a sad reality that even our Catholic parents seem ignorant of this as well as of the effects of the parental notification law that failed to pass in California recently. Are parents encouraging our young people to refrain from sex before marriage? Where do you hear today, even from pulpits, that premarital sex is immoral?

To a secularist, it's heresy to say that human sexuality cannot be taught in public (or private) schools unless we teach moral principles. We know we are sinners, and we also know the difference between right and wrong. Even tiny tots can know that. Educators must not sell the kids short. Morality must be taught! Hold the young to a higher standard and they will have a happier life. Guaranteed!

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