Thursday, August 23, 2007

Faith of Our Fathers

In a recent interview with Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor - who turns 75 this month - in The Spectator he made this observation: "We live in a culture in which religion is being marginalised; in which, under the guise of legislating for tolerance, we are legislating for intolerance; and in which the threads holding together pluralist democracy may have begun to unravel.

" A proper secularist culture is one where different views are respected and given their place in, as it were, a neutral space. I think some of our media don’t regard the space as neutral. They want to put religion on the periphery, put it in the private sphere."

Different views respected? They should be, but the reality is that the media at large seems to despise religion, or at least deny its need or even its validity in the face of science
that demands fact not faith. I don't think they even want religion on the periphery and would like to see it out of the picture.

Faith was an integral part of the life of our American founders. It must remain a part of our life here and now, if we want peace and harmony in the land.

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