Sunday, August 12, 2007

Apartheid Priest

After reading the resume’ of Fr. Crosby, I was even more appalled at the Quote of the Day as pulished in Augustinus’ Blog, The Cafeteria is Closed:

"Why are so many thinking Catholics unable to any longer agree with some of the dynamics that are going on institutionally? Because of clericalism, sexism, and heterosexism in the Roman Catholic Church. We have unequal power relationships between lay and clerical castes, between women and men, between homosexual and heterosexual people. We have structured, institutionalized sexual apartheid, which is sinful. (Fr. Michael Crosby, OFM Cap)

What is going on in the mind of this priest? What are his beliefs and his understanding of the Catholic Church? Is he really disturbed by the fact that there are unequal relationships between men and women, between lay and clerical persons?

That “sexual apartheid is sinful:” What does that mean?

There will always be unequal relationships, what is sinul about that?

His statement that “thinking Catholics are unable to any longer agree with some of the dynamics going on…because of clericalism, sexism and heterosexism in the RCC,” is an insult to faithful Catholics who disagree with him and are also “thinking” Catholics.

It is so sad to see this Franciscan promoting disunity in the Chuch by challenging the truths of our faith and the authority of the Holy See.

He has written many books and given many workshops, but this quote of the day illustrates the king sized chip on his shoulder. Any school of theology or church workshop would do well to keep clear of him. Let him stay in his Milwaukee Friary. We certainly don't need him in Berkeley.


Gerald Augustinus said...

He's spent too much time on college campuses, it'd seem.

Anonymous said...

Yes... if some of these Priests ever got off campus long enough to visit the Catholic Church they might learn something.

Dad29 said...

You'll understand better when you realize this fellow Crosby is from Milwaukee.