Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Non Negotiables

I have written and spoken many times about my concern for Catholics voting Catholic.

I realize that the majority of Americans and Catholics vote along party lines and are all too often confused about the party line, since it so media driven. Too many Catholics take wrong positions on key moral issues, which they should know and uphold.

Why do so many Catholics vote for leaders they are morally bound to oppose? The answer is simple: they know not what they do. The press and mainstream media obfuscate the issues to the point that the voter throws up his hands and declares: one politician is as bad as the other, so I’ll vote for the party of my ancestors!

For example when did the media ever tell the truth about ABORTION? It reports all kinds of violence, but never the violence to the unborn child.

Adult stem cell research is a prime example: the tremendous benefits of this type of research are almost never reported in the press while EMBRYONIC STEM CELL research (unproven as it is) is touted as the savior of mankind.

The movement to promote EUTHANASIA, so-called mercy killing, is a fiscal effort to save money and is far from merciful.

HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGES seem to most to be a given. Woe to the “bigot” who speaks against this “right to equality.” You never hear from the media arguments against such unions and the obvious advantages to society and children of father and mother.

HUMAN CLONING being advanced as scientific breakthrough is a very dangerous and immoral road to follow. It must be outlawed.

Catholics should know the morality of candidates and do the best they can to choose leaders who uphold these core values.

One of my main disappointments last year was the defeat of the parental notification law when voters in San Francisco sided with those who denied parents the right to know of their under-age daughter’s abortion.

If the Catholics in San Francisco had voted as Catholics, this law would not have passed. How could parents in their right minds agree with the law that says their children are free to have an abortion but cannot have an aspirin given them, or their ear pierced, without parents’ permission?

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