Friday, August 3, 2007

When all else fails . . .

...the engineers say, read the manual.

How many goofy adaptations, inculturations, juvenilifications, and abominations have been tried, ostensibly in order to make the Mass and our Church more "inviting," "relevant," and "inclusive?" And what has been the result? Plummeting religious vocations and church attendance.

We had a Mass that was good enough for 1500 years worth of Catholics. Then we changed it.

At the beginning of the change, there were lots of vocations and high mass attendance. 40 years on, there is a vocations crisis and low Mass attendance. If we want more vocations (a big if, for those who have problems with the "Hierarchical Church") and higher Mass attendance, how about we at least give a chance to what has worked for 1500 years?

Posted by Gibbons (while Fr. John is on Retreat).

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Anonymous said...

I greatly miss the Ancient Mass, which was the mass at which I first received the Body of the Lord. But it is not available where I live, and the local clergy (most of whom are aging, few of whom are young) are not receptive. I will pray that it be restored for all.